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Out on the Outer Banks es una marca local que destaca Outer Banks (OBX) como un lugar inclusivo y amigable para LGBT para vivir y vacacionar. The Outer Banks es un destino de vacaciones único con más de 150 millas de costa desierta, encantadores pueblos costeros, una abundancia de belleza natural y, sí, también ofertas LGBT+.

Mi nombre es Marshall y mi objetivo es brindar una mayor visibilidad a los locales y visitantes LGBT+, inspirar más eventos y espacios donde las personas queer puedan reunirse y proporcionar una guía de viaje a los Outer Banks a través de mi perspectiva como local queer.

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Out on the Outer Banks is a local brand highlighting the Outer Banks (OBX) as an inclusive and LGBT-friendly place to live and vacation.

The OBX is a unique chain of islands along the NC coast with 150+ miles of uncrowded shoreline, charming seaside villages, an abundance of natural beauty, and yes — some LGBT+ offerings as well. It's the chillest beach gaycation destination there is! I'll be showing you all that is "out on the Outer Banks," including where to eat, places to stay, things to do, and more.

I have many goals with this initiative:

  1. Provide a guide to the OBX from my perspective as a queer local (for everyone)
  2. Bring visibility to LGBT+ locals and visitors and highlight diversity
  3. Create, promote, and inspire events and spaces for queer people and allies
  4. Educate the public about LGBT+ people and issues; and
  5. Boost local business and sustainable tourism to the OBX.

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